Dr Ken Wanberg assessments and surveys for use in the treatment of drug and alcohol abuse and use. Including the ASUS,ASUDS,ADSAP,ASAP,RAPS,SUS,PACE and others.
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  How to Buy the Software Applications
Please fill out the contact information form. Click here to go to the contact form. Once we have your information, Dr. Wanberg will contact you to begin processing your request.
Why can't I purchase the applications online right now?
The computer applications are designed to provide you with a comprehensive system for managing the assessment surveys (ASUS-R, ASUDS-R, ASAP II, etc). As such, they are designed with a specific purpose. Where a boxed software application would provide you with a tool set and allow you to use those tools however you wished, the assessment management software leads you through the assessment of substance abusers with the aim of determining the best course of treatment.

In order to give you the solution best suited to the needs of your organization, we need to talk with you further. We have to determine the correct assessment survey for your clientele, train you on interpreting the assessment results and using them in making treatment placements, and design the computer installation to best serve your staff while keeping your costs low.

To do this, we ask that you fill out the contact information form. Click here to go to the contact form.

After the form is received, Dr. Wanberg will contact you to go over the assessments and determine the best solution to use for your clients.

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