Dr Ken Wanberg assessments and surveys for use in the treatment of drug and alcohol abuse and use. Including the ASUS,ASUDS,ADSAP,ASAP,RAPS,SUS,PACE and others.
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  Instrument User Guidelines and Agreements
It is understood that the instruments described in this website are self-report instruments that are used within the context of the convergent validation assessment model which is based on the utilization of self-report and other-report information in the assessment process. The paper-pencil and automated versions of these instruments are designed to provide one source of information for estimating and identifying conditions that may be related to substance use and abuse, criminal history and involvement in the judicial system, and other psychosocial problem conditions that are important in assessing and evaluating and understanding a particular client. The information from these instruments may be used as one source in developing a service (intervention or treatment) plan and making service needs decisions. The scales are not designed to specifically estimate relapse or recidivism risk but to estimate conditions and problems that increase the probability of relapse and recidivism and to address the need-responsivity components of assessment. The results of the paper-pencil and automated versions including the critical items, assessment summary, and placement guidelines are never to be used solely in this decision making process but only along with all other information about a particular client. It is clearly understood that final decisions regarding service needs and referral of those being evaluated are always made by the evaluator using all sources of available information around the client being evaluated and assessed. The Center for Addictions Research and Evaluation and the instrument authors and copyright holders make no expressed or implied guarantees, representations, warranties or conditions with respect to the use of the paper-pencil and automated versions of the instruments for a particular purpose.

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