Dr Ken Wanberg assessments and surveys for use in the treatment of drug and alcohol abuse and use. Including the ASUS,ASUDS,ADSAP,ASAP,RAPS,SUS,PACE and others.
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  SAM - Rating the Assessments
The Rating the Assessments section is used to examine the client assessment, evaluate the recommendations and information, and aid the user in determining an overall treatment strategy for the client.

The Rating the Assessments section displays the assessment critical items, the recommended referral guidelines and level, the assessment subscale raw scores and percentile placement. The assessor uses this form to designate the client's Use Involvement, Use Disruption, AOD Education/Treatment Readiness, and Referral Level. The user can identify the person rating the client, when the assessment was rated, and a notes fields where the assessor may enter any additional information they wish.

There are several methods available for performing the rating of the assessment and treatment recommendation. All information regarding the assessment is available from the rating form. The treatment placement may be made using the rating form directly. If the person assessing the client and making the recommendations for treatment is not available, a "Rating Form" may be printed. This form shows the assessment information along with a treatment form area where the assessor can make the treatment evaluation and recommendations. Once this form is completed, it may be entered into the computer at a later time.
SAM Program Rating Form
The SAM Program Rating form allows the assessor to easily access and view the assessment information and key components. The assessor can make recommendations and notes using the computer program.
The Rating forms display the key components of the assessment, including the Recommended Referral Guidelines and Level, the Critical Items, the Normative Scales. It allows the assessor to record the Use Involvement, Use Disruption, Alcohol or Drug Education, Treatment Readindess, Referral Level, and any additional comments.
Part of a computer Rating form.
Expandable Critical Items
The questions and answers identified as Critical Items from the assessments are displayed in the "Critical Items" section. The zoom option allows the user to quickly view the "Critical Items" in a dedicated form for ease of viewing.
The Critical Items form is used to show the expanded, large size view of the Alcohol or Drug assessment critical items.
Part of the expanded "Critical Items" form.
Normative Scales Viewer
The Normative Scales are viewable in the dedicated "Scale Norms" form. This form displays the entire list of scoring scales used in the assessment. Both the raw scores and the percentile placements are displayed.
The Scale Norms form displays both the raw score and the percentile placement for each of the scales used in scoring the Alcohol or Drug assessment.
Part of the "Scale Norms" form.
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