Dr Ken Wanberg assessments and surveys for use in the treatment of drug and alcohol abuse and use. Including the ASUS,ASUDS,ADSAP,ASAP,RAPS,SUS,PACE and others.
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  SAM - Assessment Administration
The Assessment Administration section is used to enter and maintain the client assessments. At this time, the Adult Substance Use Survey - Revised (ASUS-R) and the Adult Substance Use and Driving Survey - Revised (ASUDS-R) are available as part of the SAM program. There are several assessment entry methods available, allowing your staff to use the option best suited to their needs.
Quick Entry by Staff
The Quick Entry forms are designed for use by the staff when entering assessments completed by the clients on a paper form. This is used when the staff will enter the assessment answers off of a paper test form completed by the client. This option is designed for the quickest, most convenient entry of the answers to the assessment questions. With this option, you can data entry portion required by your staff is reduced to minutes.
A portion of a Quick Entry form, used to quickly enter the assessment responses off of a paper form.
Part of a Quick Entry form.
Direct Entry by Client
The Direct Entry by Client forms are designed for use by the clients when directly answering the assessment questions on the computer. This option allows staff to pre-enter clients and assign them assessments to take. After the client logs in to the specially configured instance of the SAM program, they are guided through answering their assessment(s). Once all of their assigned assessments are completed, the program exits. This shifts the time consuming task of entering the assessment answers onto your clients directly. The only data entry required of your staff is entering the client and assigning their assessments. Further, the client is limited to entering their own assessments and is NOT given access to any other parts of the program. This maintains your client confidentiality and overall program security. This is best accomplished in a networked environment where computers can be designated for client assessment administration. However, it is possible to setup the program for staff use as well as direct client entry, with some contraints.
An example of the form seen by the clients upon logging into the program. Indicating the assessment assigned to them.
Form showing client which assessments they are assigned.
Interview Format
The Interview Format provides your staff with the full text questions in an easy to enter format. This allows the staff member to pose the assessment questions directly to the client and enter the client's responses. This allows you a more supervisory method for administering the assessments in the event the client is illiterate, vision impaired, or similar circumstances.
An example of a form used for entering the assessment responses in the Interview format.
Assessment form used to entry client responses.
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