Dr Ken Wanberg assessments and surveys for use in the treatment of drug and alcohol abuse and use. Including the ASUS,ASUDS,ADSAP,ASAP,RAPS,SUS,PACE and others.
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  AMS - Assessment Profiles
The AMS Assessment Profile is the Adolescent Self Assessment Profile II (ASAP-II) printed assessment report designed by Dr. Ken Wanberg, the ASAP-II's author. This profile displays the client demographic information, the assessment risk factors, the drug usage history, the scales and percentile bar graphs in the basic profile section and in the supplemental profile section. It also displays the critical items, the assessment summary, the recommended referral guidelines, the rating scales, the selected treatment options, and the additional comments.

The following section displays some sample snapshots from a sample ASAP-II profile. If you wish to view the full two page profile in PDF format, click on the following link. Note that these images and the PDF file are scanned documents and that the quality of the display is slightly altered by the scanning process and may not appear as crisp and detailed as the actual document.

Click here to view the PDF format Sample Profile.
Sample Profile Snapshots

Part of an assessment profile.

Part of an assessment profile.

Part of an assessment profile.
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