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  ASAP II | Adolescent Self-Assessment Profile II
The Adolescent Self Assessment Profile II is a 262 item self-report instrument comprised of 24 basic scales and 14 supplemental scales that provides primary order and broad scale measurement of: 1) six major risk-resiliency (strength) factors; 2) assessment of drug use benefits, involvement and disruption, 3) degree of drug use involvement in nine drug use categories; and 4) scales that measure specialized areas of motivation, prosocial responding and defensiveness. The risk-resiliency factor scales are designed to provide bipolar measurement of risk-disruption at one end and resiliency-strength at the other. The core common factor structure of ASAP II is based on the six primary risk-resiliency factors identified in the literature - family, mental health, school adjustment, peer influence, deviancy and drug use symptoms - and has been validated across independent samples.

The ASAP II has a reliable rater scale that allows the evaluator to rate the client across the six major risk-resiliency factors identified above. Results from the rater scale can be compared with the client's self-report scales. Through the use of both the rater (other report) scale and the self-report scales, the evaluator can utilize a convergent validation model in providing the best estimate of the client's AOD overall degree of adjustment disruption across the major risk factors.

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