Dr Ken Wanberg assessments and surveys for use in the treatment of drug and alcohol abuse and use. Including the ASUS,ASUDS,ADSAP,ASAP,RAPS,SUS,PACE and others.
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An automated version of the ADSAP and RAPS assessment tools is currently under development. Expected completion later in 2015.
  ADSAP | Adult Self-Assessment Profile
The Adult Self-Assessment Profile (ADSAP) is the self-report component of the ADSAP/RAPS assessment suite. It is a psychometrically based instrument that provides a differential assessment of ten core risk-resiliency factors. These core factors are: retrospective childhood experiences; adult family and marital relationships; social-interpersonal relationships; mental health and intrapersonal adjustment; job and work productivity; legal and community compliance issues; medical-physical health; substance use problems; help needs and motivation; and strengths. It also provides a measurement of risk-adjustment during the six months prior to testing.

The ADSAP profile displays a standardized presentation of 15 operationally independent primary scales measuring life-time adjustment problems, five operationally independent scales measuring risk-adjustment in the last six months, one broad life-time drug use risk factor and one broad six-month drug use risk factor. All scales have optimal internal consistency reliability. Evidence of construct validity of the ADSAP instrument is found in the content of the scales, the factor pattern of the instrument, the reliability of each scale and the correlations of the scales with external criterion measures. Results from the ADSAP provide a basis upon which to assess the severity level and the treatment needs of individual clients.
  RAPS | Rating Adult's Problem Scales
The Rating Adult's Problem Scales (RAPS) is the other-report or rater component of the ADSAP/RAPS assessment suite. RAPS is isomorphic with the ADSAP in that, for each of the risk-resiliency factors measured in the ADSAP, there is a comparable measurement of that factor in the RAPS. These factors are: childhood, family and interpersonal adjustment, mental health adjustment, work and job adjustment, legal problems, alcohol and other drug use, health factors and strengths. RAPS is completed by the clinical evaluator during or following a structured interview with the client. The RAPS scales can be used as the guide for the structured interview. The face sheet of the ADSAP and each of the eight rating areas of RAPS provides all of the data elements for the client’s psychosocial history. The RAPS profile provides a standardized presentation of the eight risk-resiliency factors.
  Overview of the ADSAP/RAPS Combination
The ADSAP and RAPS provide the basis for a convergent validation assessment of the client's life adjustment problems. The ADSAP provides the client's self-perception of his or her life problems which provides the starting point for treatment. The RAPS other-report provides a cross-validation of these conditions. These two sources of information provide a valid estimate of the client's true life-adjustment condition. ADSAP and RAPS are normed on a large of group of individuals referred to outpatient treatment services for substance abuse treatment. The normative group is comprised of both DUI and non-DUI judicial clients. An automated version of the ADSAP/RAPS will be available in late 2020.
   Use of the above self-report instruments
The above self-report and other-report instruments are always used within the framework of a convergent validation approach where all sources of information are used in making assessment conclusions and service referral recommendations. The instruments are never used as the sole source for making such assessments and decisions. Such decisions are only made by the valuator using all sourcs of information.
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