Dr Ken Wanberg assessments and surveys for use in the treatment of drug and alcohol abuse and use. Including the ASUS,ASUDS,ADSAP,ASAP,RAPS,SUS,PACE and others.
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These are links to online publications, articles, and other websites. These contain information about the AODASSESS.com assessments (ASUS-R, ASUDS-R, ASAP II, AdSAP/RAPS, PACE, etc.) as well as other published articles about alcohol and drug abuse, treatment, placement, research, and evaluation.

Place the mouse cursor over the Publication/Article title to see a brief description of the item. Click on the title to view the Publication/Article.

Date Category Title
12/01/07 ASUDS DWI Screening in Ramsey County
01/01/08 ASUDS Evaluating the 'hard-core drinking driver': Illinois prioritizes the identification of offenders who need services the most.
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