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  •  JOURNAL SERIES 1, 2019


Editorial Consultants:
Harvey B. Milkman, Professor Emeritus, Department of Psychology, Metropolitan State University of Denver. David S. Timken, Ph.D., Director of the Center for Impaired Driving Research and Evaluation, Boulder, Colorado Kenneth W. Wanberg, Ph.D., licensed Psychologist and the Director, Center for Addictions Research and Evaluation.

Disclaimer: The Center for Addictions Research and Evaluation – CARE, and the editorial consultants assume no responsibility for statements, concepts, or opinions advanced by the authors of articles or the content of these articles that are posted in this Journal.

Copyright: Authors of articles and documents submitted for posting in the Journal of AOD Assessment hold the copyright of these articles and must place a copyright notice on the front page or one of the title pages of the article. Authors recognize that these articles may be retrieved by readers of this website and of the journal articles that are published in this online journal and may be copied from the website. CARE, the Editor, and the editorial consultants assume no responsibility for articles being copied from the website and authors submit articles to CARE and the Journal of AOD Assessment with the clear knowledge that said articles posted in this online site may be copied.

Objectives of this Website Journal: Articles will have both professional and scientific oriented topics and provide opportunity for professional and research experts to post articles and papers in the following areas: 1) Information, topics and guidelines relevant to the evaluation and assessment of substance use and abuse; 2) Research findings resulting from the study of data acquired from the use of substance use and abuse assessment instruments.

Peer review and referred articles and postings: Not all articles posted in the Journal are refereed or peer reviewed. Those that are will be indicated as such.

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